Total knee Replacement Surgery

TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT is an elective procedure carried out by qualified orthopedic surgeons for knee osteoarthritis that is high grade. Arthritis may be primary or secondary(resulting from trauma or another inflammatory condition like rheumatoid arthritis).

The improvements in methodology and implant material have made this procedure wonderful for the patients. The damaged distal part of the femur and proximal part of the tibia is replaced with metal implants. A highly cross-linked polyethylene TIBIAL insert is placed on the TIBIAL base plate during total knee arthroplasty, replacement.

Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) as a common progressive degenerative condition is one of the most important leading causes of disability and relative dependence patients are typically elderly and experiencing knee pain.

By the time a patient is a candidate for knee replacement surgery, they have typically sought out treatment for their knee discomfort.

Knee swelling, also known as joint effusion, is seen in patients, according to DOCTOR. MANU GAUTAM

The patient's gait (Walking pattern) alters to a varus-thrust gait. The Genu Valgum deformity can also occur in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, according to the knee pain specialist. Patients of Indian continent heritage typically have a Genu Varus deformity and a flexion deformity of the knee.

Also, when they move their joint, these patients experience some crepitus and occasionally even hear sounds.

Causes of Osteoarthritis & Risk Factors

Osteoarthritis, as it is officially known, is a degenerative condition. With time and aging, the cartilage in the knee joint gradually erodes, exposing the raw ends of the bone, which causes friction and pain. Osteophytes forms ( extra bone formation ) as a result of the body's continuing reparative process, which also causes deformity and motion restriction.

With age, these changes intensify. Some individuals also have a hereditary predisposition to develop early osteoarthritis. Those who are overweight or obese also have early signs.

Prevention of Osteoarthritis and Avoiding Knee Replacement Surgery

One of the top knee replacement surgeons in DELHI NCR is Dr. MANU GAUTAM, however, he is aware that no one wants to undergo such a complicated procedure. The early onset of knee pain and arthritis can be prevented by maintaining healthy behaviors such as a balanced lifestyle, weight control, appropriate seating habits, good exercise, and physiotherapy, according to the joint pain specialist in DELHI. Knee injections can potentially help certain patients with early instances. There are several minor procedures we can perform, such as osteotomies, to restore the alignment of the weight-bearing axis and prevent total knee replacement.